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Library classification


Books are arranged alphabetically by titles in sections:

0 Science. Knowledge. Book. Promotion of science. Research. Information

004 IT. Computer software. Computer graphics. Virtual reality

005 Management. Quality. Mediation. Bureaucracy. Personnel management. Business plan

008 Culture. Civilization. Progress. Sociology of culture. Philosophy of culture

01 Bibliography and bibliographies. Catalogues

02 Librarianship. Reading. Digitization

05 Media. Periodicals (as subject). Journalists. Press studies

1 Philosophy. Metaphysics

159.9 Psychology. Assertiveness. Emotions. Parapsychology

16 Logic. Propositions. Inference

17 Ethics. Morality

2 Religion. Mythology. Myths. Religions. Sects. Theology

303 Research methods

305 Gender study

316 Sociology. Presentations. Stereotype. Social communication

32 Politics. Government. International relations

33 Economics. Economic science. Marketing. Mobbing. CV

34 Law. Jurisprudence. Human rights. Criminology. Criminals

35 Public administration. Government. Military affairs

36 Safeguarding the mental and material necessities of life. Social welfare. Volunteering. Social work. Sexual abuse. Adoption

37 Education. Pedagogics

37.01 General questions of didactics and method

37.01 P Schoolbooks

37.06 Social problems in education. Human contacts, relationships. Teachers. Pupils

37.06 P Curriculas

373 Preschool & Early Teaching. Teaching reading and writing

373 P Schoolbooks (Preschool & Early Teaching)

374 Education and training out of school. Further education. Civic education

376 Education, teaching, training of special groups of persons. Special schools

377 Specialized instruction. Vocational, technical, professional training. Vocational schools, institutes

378 Higher education. Universities. Academic study

39 Ethnography

5 Mathematics. Natural Sciences

61 Medical sciences. Biotechnology. Health. Therapy

613 Dependence. Addicted

62 IEngineering. Technology in general. Typography. Desing

659 Publicity. Public Relations

7 The Arts. Architecture. Photography. Artists

78 Music. History of music. Musicians

791 Cinema. Films

792 Theatre. Stagecraft. Dramatic performances

796 Sport. Games. Physical exercises

80 Linguistics. Philology

82 Literature

82 T Novels

91 Geography. Maps. Geographical guides

93/94 History. Archivistics


Special sections:

Inf. Encyclopedias. Lexicons. Dicionaries

Cz. Periodicals


Seg. Binders

Names of section usually start from letters W and C:

W - book for loan, yellow stripe

C - book for use only in the Reading room, red stripe