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Library Regulations


  1. Admission to the library resources of the University of Lower Silesia (ULS) is granted to any person of legal age.
  2. The Users of the Library of the University of Lower Silesia are obliged to:
    • conduct themselves in accordance with the norms of generally accepted mores of individual rights and social interactions,
    • use the library card and update personal data (notify any change in personal details),
    • take care of the borrowed books, periodicals and audiovisual materials, later mentioned as items,
    • use not more than 10 items at a time,
    • use computing facilities of the University of Lower Silesia library according to their destination, i.e. educational aims (do not install any other additional programming).
  3. The User is responsible for any lost items caused by his/her fault on the territory of the ULS library.
  4. The admission to the ULS Library is granted solely upon the presentation of a valid Identity Document and signing of the notification form, thereby agree to abide by the ULS Library's regulation and adhere to the requirements defined in the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883). A Library card is issued for the use only of the person named on it. Students of other universities and external members are obliged to pay a one-time registration fee according to the scale of charges at the ULS Library. ULS graduates are exempt from the entry fee.
    Type of User The number of items for loan The entry fee
    Access to databases
    Member of university staff (full-time) 10 ------------
    No limits
    Non-regular (supernumerary) member of university staff 5 ------------
    No limits
    ULS student 10 ------------
    No limits
    Student of other university 5 According to the scale of charges
    No limits
    External members 5 According to the scale of charges No limits
  5. The User is obliged to inform of any change in personal data at the next library visit.
  6. Any person may be suspended of ULS Library privileges for breaches of the Regulations. In case of ULS students and members of the staff, the ULS Library will report this fact to the University authorities. In case of students or staff members from other educational institutions, the ULS Library will inform their authorities.
  7. The director of the ULS Library sets the scale of charges at the ULS Library.
  8. The amendments to the Regulations will be made public and available on the ULS library notice board and website.
  9. The complaints in writing should be sent to the director of the ULS Library. The term of complaint handling is 14 days.
  10. The Library Regulations come into force on the day of signing. 

Borrowing Regulations

  1. The ULS library card is obligatory in order to borrow library materials.
  2. The User bears the absolute responsibility for all loans recorded through the use of his/her library card, including on-line operations.
  3. In case of library card loss or damage, the User must immediately apply for the new one (the duplicate). The price of the duplicate is regulated by the scale of charges at the ULS Library.
  4. A yellow strip attached to the book indicates the 30-day loan period of the item.
  5. The items marked by a red strip are available for use only in the Reading room. The librarian can lend the books marked by a red strip overnight. The loan can take place no earlier than an hour before closing time and the books are to be returned no later than an hour after opening on the following day. In case of violation of this rule the User is obliged to pay overdue fine and loses the right of this library privilege.
  6. Audiovisual materials, marked by a red strip can be borrowed by ULS staff members exclusively, for didactic purposes, for the 10-day period.
  7. The loaned items marked by a yellow strip can be renewed three times. The renewal can be done for 30-day period. The library has right to deny the renewal in case of the overdue loan of this item and/or breach of any other library Regulations.
  8. Another loan of the three-times renewed item is possible after its return with at least 7-day interval.
  9. An overdue fine is immediately calculated in accordance with the scale of charges at the ULS Library.
  10. In case of item being returned by post, the return date is considered to be the date of parcel being received by the ULS Library. Take into consideration that after the date of receiving the parcel the overdue fine from the date of the item sent to the date of its delivery to the ULS Library will be written off.
  11. The book drop enables the User to return the books after working hours of the library. The book drop is located in the hall outside the library. In case of overdue materials the User is obliged to pay overdue fine. The amount is regulated by the scale of charges at the ULS Library.
  12. The Borrower/User is responsible for any loss or damage while the materials are in his/her charge, and will be required to replace it with another item of the same kind or to pay the full cost of its replacement (estimated by the librarian). The User also makes additional payment for every new item bought by the ULS Library (charge for library collection supplement), regulated by the scale of charges.
  13. If the payments, outlined in Regulations 5, 9, 12 are not settled on the return date of an overdue loan, the User (or his/her representative) is obliged to sign an acknowledgement of debt, in which the debtor promises to pay the fine. The acknowledgement is empowered to demand the payment. The denial to sign the acknowledgement will be confirmed by two members of the library staff and result in suspension of the membership rights. The ULS Library has right to refer the matter to the Finance Office or Court which will institute procedures to recover the money owed. The obligation to sign the acknowledgement of debt doesn’t concern the cases with less than 10 zł. fines.
  14. In exceptional cases of long overdue loans or non-payment of the fines, outlined in Regulations 5, 9, 11 the ULS Library may send dunning letter to the User’s address and charge additional fee, the rate of which is estimated by the scale of charges at the ULS Library.
  15. The release of financial obligations, outlined in Regulations 5, 9, 11, 12 is accomplished by:
    • payment of the fine at the ULS Library,
    • giving an equivalent item for the lost or damaged one (the librarian decides of its suitability and value),
    • working off with the consent of the Director of the ULS Library on the grounds stated in the scale of charges of the ULS Library.
  16. The User have a locker at his/her disposal during his/her work at the ULS Library, for leaving there personal stuff, such as coats, briefcases, bags etc. Keys are available at a library enquiry desk. A library card or Identity Document is to be given to the librarian in order to get a locker key. For the loss of a key the User will be required to pay replacement cost, set at the scale of charges at the ULS Library.
  17. The payments done at the ULS Library are being registered and receipts can be issued at User's request.
  18. Other regulations of the ULS Library are stated at the ULS Library Director's ordinances (directives).

Director of the ULS Library
Dr Stefan Kubów